Thai turkey salad with cilantro & mint: 33 cents/serving

And now for something completely different…yet not really. This is essentially a cooked-turkey version of the larb I made a couple weeks ago with chicken. I had even intended for it to be a lettuce wrap before realizing we were out of lettuce.

It doesn’t exactly showcase the turkey, as the Thai flavors are what come to the forefront, but we’ve been showcasing the turkey for four days now, so it’s a well-earned break.

This is a light meal for 3 people; 2 if they’re very hungry. It was inspired by a similar recipe in Hot Salty Sour Sweet.

• 1/2 cup torn mint leaves (garden): $0
• 1/2 cup torn cilantro leaves: 20 cents
• 2 cups leftover turkey, roughly chopped: $0
• 3 T chopped shallot (from a large 99-cent bag): 25 cents
• 1 T canola oil: 3 cents
• 3 T lime juice (from about half a small lime): 17 cents
• 2 T Thai fish sauce: 12 cents
• 1 thinly sliced chile, Asian hot pepper flakes, OR black pepper to taste: 1 cent
• 3 T toasted rice powder: 20 cents 
• Lettuce leaves for wrapping (optional)
TOTAL:  98 cents/3 = 33 cents/serving

Put the chopped turkey in a shallow bowl. Heat the oil in a small cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add the shallots, cook for about a minute and a half until fried, add to the turkey and stir. Let cool a bit. (It’s supposed to be served cold or at room temperature.)

Combine the lime juice, fish sauce, and chile or pepper in a small bowl.

Add the mint and cilantro leaves to the turkey mixture, toss to combine. Right before serving, mix with the lime juice-fish sauce mixture. Sprinkle 1 T toasted rice powder over each portion. Wrap in lettuce leaves if desired.

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