Spicy tomato crumble: $1.41/serving

This may look like dessert—it is a real crumble, after all, made as one would make a berry crumble—but I assure you it’s all dinner. Light and crunchy, tangy and spicy, it’s equally delicious by itself, as a side dish for meat, or on top of a bowl of pasta. It’s also made completely with pantry ingredients, which means it can be whipped together any time of year, often without even having to go shopping.

Another great idea from Mary Cech’s “Savory Baking.” It makes 2 main-dish-sized servings (more, obviously, if you’re serving it with pasta or something else). I do not, however, recommend this for people sensitive to acid, as the tomatoes and pepperoncini pack a tangy punch. This is awesome for most, but painful for those with heartburn.

• 1 T all-purpose flour: 2 cents
• 1/4 cup rolled oats: 1 cent
• 1/3 cup dry bread crumbs: 5 cents
• 1/4 cup finely grated Parmesan (I used a microplane): 25 cents
• 1/2 tsp dried sage: 2 cents
• 1 tsp dried oregano: 2 cents
• 1/4 tsp salt: 1 cent
• 2 T cold butter, cut into cubes: 12 cents 
TOTAL: 50 cents

• 1 28-oz. can whole tomatoes (Hunts and Contadina are under $1 at Grocery Outlet!) with juice, chopped: 89 cents
• 1/2 cup dry red wine: 44 cents
• 1/2 cup pitted kalamata olives, chopped: 40 cents
• 3 large garlic cloves, finely minced or pressed through a garlic press: 3 cents
• 2 T pepperoncini, finely chopped: 10 cents
• 1 T capers, chopped: 30 cents
• 1 tsp dried basil: 2 cents
• 2 tsp honey: 5 cents
TOTAL: $2.33

GRAND TOTAL: $2.33 + .50 = $2.83/2 = $1.41/serving

Combine all dry topping ingredients (including the cheese) and stir to combine. Add the butter cubes.

Work them into the mixture with your fingers until crumbly.

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Add the filling ingredients to a medium saucepan. (If you don’t want to chop everything individually, you can just put it all in the food processor, which is what I do.) Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook for about 25 minutes, until reduced.

Pour the filling into the bottom of a 9×9 baking dish. Sprinkle the topping evenly over. Bake until filling is bubbling and top is light brown, about 20-25 minutes.

2 responses to “Spicy tomato crumble: $1.41/serving

  1. This is a really good idea. I make fruit crisps all the time but never considered a savory one!

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