The garden calendar to beat all gardening calendars

If you’re a n00b gardener like I am, this kind of guesswork-eliminating tool is indispensable—no more trying to interpret pages’ worth of university extension instruction sheets or memorizing the back of seed packets. Of course, this only proves I’m behind as usual with about 90% of my gardening tasks, but better a few weeks late than a few months. To use it,  simply look up your last frost date on the Farmer’s Almanac website, enter it into this amazing application from Skippy’s Vegetable Garden, and voilà. (Or, as an increasing number of people seem to be saying these days, “wallah.”)

Wallah, indeed!

4 responses to “The garden calendar to beat all gardening calendars

  1. Awesome! When my mother was actively gardening our calendars would have little notes on it like “first frost”, “last frost”, “plant tomatoes”. Soooo much to learn.

  2. I am so happy you commented on my blog, because I’m thrilled that your comment led me to yours! My fiance and I seriously need to cut back on our food spending. Looking forward to lots of great advice 🙂

  3. Wow that garden calendar is way cool! Just had to print one out for myself. Thanks!

  4. Nice link! I will be checking that that out. As for me, Plants = Low $$ Food Budget. Always. I feed a family of six on next to nothing, and we are healthy, happy, energetic, and never sick. Time rarely spent in the grocery or cooking in the kitchen (we eat mostly raw) means more time spent outdoors…ahhh. The way life was meant to be.

    Shannon –

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