A word on coupons

There are admittedly quite a few food-budget blogs out there in the Intertubes, and you may have noticed that many—if not most—of them seem to rely heavily on couponing. And I don’t mean cutting a coupon out of the newspaper circulars here or there for something you already buy; I’m talking devoting otherwise useful portions of one’s waking hours to seeking out coupons, collecting coupons, organizing coupons, and amassing a pantry full of things like enough packaged rice pilaf and 2-liter bottles of soda to last through 2525. If you’ve ever wondered why I don’t do the coupon thing*, check out this guest post I wrote for Flying the Nest, a blog full of great budgeting tips for newbies and experts alike.

*Spoiler: “I was nearly 30 years old and didn’t even know how to cook a pot of beans.”

4 responses to “A word on coupons

  1. Can I “like” this one – well, your post at Flying the Nest – six or seven times?? I tried couponing, once upon a time (it seems to come up to daylight every twenty years or so, like cicadas, and then vanish again). And I quit when I realized, just like you, that all I was doing with coupons was spending a little less for overprocessed, overpriced packages that I didn’t need in the first place.

    Buy fresh food – grow it if you can – but realistically, most of us are going to buy most of what we eat. No matter where you get it, start with food that’s still pretty much the way it grew, and cook it yourself. It’s the cheapest, healthiest approach, and it doesn’t take all that much time unless you decide you enjoy spending most of your free time on food prep.

  2. I hate coupons because 1. it’s all processed food and 2. you have to put in so much time to make it worthwhile. I’m not willing to do that. I could be a more efficient and cost-effective shopper, but at least I’m committed to preparing as much fresh food as possible.

  3. Love this post. I can’t agree more about coupons. I’ll clip only if I happen upon it AND it’s something I know I’m going to buy it anyway. As for food? You’re right. I have yet to find coupons for fresh produce and whole grains, which is just about all we buy.

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