Strawberry sorbet: 20 cents/serving

As predicted, our strawberry patch this year is out of control (in a good way), yielding several pounds of strawberries every week. This was all fine and good for a while, but after eating strawberries for lunch, snacks, and dessert for days at a time, we were ready for a different iteration. I make this sorbet every summer after the novelty of plain strawberries wears off, and so far this week we’ve already made two batches of it. It’s pretty simple—just strawberries, sugar, and a little lemon juice (and optional kirsch), but we both prefer it to just about every frozen dessert out there. It’s also a good way to use up ripe strawberries that got half-eaten by slugs—just wash, trim out the bad parts, and store in the freezer until you’ve accumulated one pound.

As below it makes about 4 generous servings. I’m not sure how many quarts or pints, but it fills about 2/3 of a large yogurt container. Recipe adapted from The Perfect Scoop.

• 1 lb. strawberries (garden); washed, hulled and sliced: $0
• 3/4 cup sugar: 17 cents
• 1 tsp lemon juice: 20 cents
• 2 tsp kirsch (cherry brandy) (optional): 40 cents
• Pinch of salt: 1 cent
TOTAL: 78 cents/4 = 20 cents/serving

Combine the sliced strawberries with the sugar and kirsch, if using, and stir until sugar is almost dissolved. Let macerate for about an hour, stirring once or twice. Transfer mixture to a blender or food processor.

Add the salt and lemon juice, and blend until smooth. Churn in ice-cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions. It will be pretty soft at first; a few hours in the fridge will harden the consistency.

2 responses to “Strawberry sorbet: 20 cents/serving

  1. Wish I had your strawberry ‘problem’…
    I’d substitute kirsch with good balsamic 🙂

    • Good idea with the balsamic! I’m going to try that with the next batch. I was using the kirsch to keep it at a scoopable consistency, but there’s enough sugar that it will probably be fine.

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