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Casarecce with fennel, chilies & bread crumbs: $1.46/serving

Chilies and fennel: Yet another success in my ongoing quest for inexpensive, unexpected, and healthy pasta meals. This is definitely on the lighter side, almost more of a salad, but the nuanced flavors and textures will hit just the right notes for those tired of the same old heavily sauced noodle dishes, and the servings are big enough to qualify as a main dish. Casarecce is by no means mandatory for this; I just liked the way it looked. Penne, ziti, or any other medium tubular pasta works just as well.

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Lemon risotto with chicken, olives and fennel: $1.66/serving

There’s nothing like a good, creamy risotto, and this just happens to be a great one, full of interesting flavors and textures. If you’ve never made risotto before, the method I prefer only requires stirring at the end, so you won’t be left tending to the stove for 20 straight minutes. Sure, the process may not be 100% authentic, but the results are, in my opinion, nearly indistinguishable from a product obtained by constant stirring. Be sure to buy Arborio rice from the bulk bins, preferably from a store that specializes in bulk, like Winco or a co-op; for some reason it’s prohibitively expensive on the shelf.

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