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Red-lentil dal with apples: 55 cents/serving

I don’t cook a lot of Indian food (no particular reason why; I just don’t find myself drawn to it), but when I do, it’s usually some variation of dal, a simple, usually vegan lentil stew that can be made using whatever vegetables or lentils one happens to have on hand. This red-lentil version was born to use up half a can of whole tomatoes I had languishing in the freezer, as well as some of the 4 lbs. of Granny Smiths we bought this weekend at Winco; the apples add a sweet tang that goes perfectly with the earthiness of the lentils. It’s quick, warming and healthy—perfect for a rainy weeknight. (Yes, I know the Pacific Northwest is probably the only place in the country right now where it’s still raining and 55 degrees, but just humor me.)

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Two-potato vindaloo: $1.91/serving

Traditional versions of this aromatic Indian stew typically include meat, but this vegetarian interpretation is so flavorful and satisfying I guarantee you won’t be left wanting. It’s a bit time-consuming to make, even by my infamously impractical standards, but oh so worth it on a cold January night. Skip the yogurt condiment and it’s vegan and gluten-free, perfect for a mixed-crowd dinner party or potluck.

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Chicken tikka masala: $1.31/serving

Did you know that dairy—not acid, not oilis the best marinade there is for tenderizing meat? I’m sure there’s a super-interesting enzyme-related reason for this, but I’m not going to bore people to death by regurgitating research in a recipe headnote. Just take my word for it—next time you’re grilling or broiling chicken, try sprinkling it with salt and pepper and dipping it in yogurt or buttermilk instead of soaking it in a bag of salad dressing or oil and vinegar. The results will probably shock you. In fact, if you like Indian food, you could test the theory out right now with this recipe, adapted from The Pioneer Woman. It makes plenty of leftovers, and the heat and spices are easily adjustable to your own taste.

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