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Whole grain-stuffed cabbage rolls with currants & pine nuts: $1.91/serving

First off, it’s near physically impossible to take an appetizing-looking photo of a cabbage roll, so I apologize. Second, I normally make these in the slow cooker and this time chose to make them in the oven, a method I’m not entirely sure I prefer. But, caveats aside, they’re a delicious alternative to meat-filled cabbage rolls, and if you’re averse to the whole cabbage-roll thing (which I completely understand; when I first encountered them a few years ago, I thought they were the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen, but have since grown to appreciate and even love them), the filling on its own makes a great salad or side dish.

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Rye berries with tomatoes & Andouille: $1.99/serving

Rye berries are, like oat groats, the whole-grain version of their respective flour or meal. This was my first encounter with rye berries after reading Maria Speck sing their praises in “Ancient Grains for Modern Meals,” and I have to say, I found them more or less indistinguishable from farro (emmer wheat)  in appearance, taste and texture. Which isn’t to say they’re not worth using if they’re readily available, but I’m guessing you’ll have an easier time finding farro. In any case, the flavor of the sausage and tomatoes against the texture of the whole grains is the star in this risotto-like dish, but most things are interchangeable—different sausages, different types of tomatoes, different types and amounts of liquid—so feel free to use whatever you happen to have on hand. If I made this again, I’d probably bake it instead of cook it on the stove, so if anyone tries this, let me know how it turned out.

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