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Splurge: orange Creamsicle sherbet: 36 cents/serving

So…oranges are 46 cents a pound this week at the store. Not one to pass up a good fruit sale (if I died tomorrow that would probably be my epitaph), I bought a couple pounds of them with the intent to make a copycat version of Dreyer’s Swiss Orange Sherbet, which I love but has since been discontinued. However, this necessitated my having to purchase chocolate chips five days in advance. Now, I’m not a huge dessert person, and I’m even less of a chocolate person, but five days was just too much. They fought the good fight, those chips, but five days’ worth of 10 pm realizations that there are chocolate chips in the cupboard is a tall order for anyone. With the chocolate chips gone and no budget for more, I had to completely overhaul my dessert vision.

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