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Baked rice with currants and chickpeas: 77 cents/serving

Every now and then I like to go through the cupboards and challenge myself to use up the various little baggies of bulk odds and ends I’ve accumulated over time. Sometimes the yield can get a little random, as was the case in the most recent cleanout: half a box of currants from whole-grained stuffed cabbage rolls and a little baggie of dried chickpeas from creamy farro & chickpea soup. Thankfully I remembered seeing this recipe in Claudia Roden’s The Food of Spain; it’s sort of a vegan/vegetarian paella, which of course is up my alley given that I don’t like seafood; it makes a ton, which is perfect for lunches for the week; it looks cool coming out of the oven; and it’s truly delicious—currants and garlic are not something I would’ve thought to pair, but now that I’ve tried it I can’t believe it’s not used more often.

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Andouille & mushroom fideos: $1.55/serving

This dish was originally inspired by the paella menu at my favorite Spanish restaurant. I don’t eat seafood, which pretty much prevents me from ever enjoying paella, but every now and then a non-seafood option pops up on the paella menu, usually labeled “fideos.” It’s cooked exactly like paella, in a paella pan, but uses toasted pasta in place of rice and usually features some sort of sausage. It’s meant for an entire table to share, but on two separate occasions I’ve eaten the entire pan myself. It’s that good.

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