Tip Index

NOTE: Recipe and Tip indices are under construction. If you’re interested in something specific, just type it into the search bar at right.

Primer: Rules for living on $35 a week

Free celery!
The garden calendar to beat all gardening calendars
Garden update June ’12
Molting hens
Starting seeds indoors
Winter crops

FYI: canned tomatoes
Homemade crème fraîche (scroll down)
Homemade ricotta cheese (scroll down)
How to make your own sourdough starter
How to make soup out of (just about) anything
Parchment lid for sweating vegetables (scroll down)
Ripening fruit (scroll down)
The principles of turkey brining

5 things you probably didn’t know you could freeze
5 MORE things you probably didn’t know you could freeze
6 filling lunches for 50 cents or less
Bake your own bread
Costco: What’s worth it, what’s not?
Jar lunches
How to make fresh herbs last for a month or more
Make your own bread crumbs
Make your own garlic & herb croutons
Buying bulk coffee 
Buying meat
Inexpensive holiday gifts: custom BBQ sauce 
The stock bag

Week of Feb. 4-10
Week of May 21-27
Week of May 28-June 3
Week of June 4-10
Week of June 11-17

A word on coupons
The past 9 months: What I’ve learned
July: a day’s harvest

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