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Carrot cake muffins: 5 cents each

A few months ago, we purchased a Breville juicer with all the money we saved from not drinking this year (we did slip up a couple times in February, but we’re over the hump now). Not only is it a tangible reward for our efforts, but it’s another great way to clean out the crisper, since pretty much anything can be juiced, from lettuce and cabbage to carrots, ginger, and fruit, to make an inexpensive liquid snack. Of course, with carrots being so inexpensive (especially at Costco), that’s what we find ourselves juicing most often. This is my first time owning a juicer, and I have to admit I was surprised by now much fiber was left behind. Two cups of carrot juice can yield almost two cups of desiccated orange fluff. I started accumulating the fluff in the freezer, knowing I’d come up with a use for it eventually, and this week I finally did: these muffins. B. has declared them to be the best muffins he’s ever had, and I have to agree they’re shockingly good. I don’t know if it’s the fine texture of the carrot fluff or the amount of sugar that veers them dangerously close to unfrosted-cupcake territory, but if you have a juicer, they’re a must-try. (If you don’t have a juicer, you can probably substitute grated carrot.)

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Millet muffins: 29 cents each

As you may have surmised from the title, These are New Year’s resolution muffins. Not mine, necessarily, but they’re great for anyone looking to eat healthier and incorporate more whole grains into his or her diet. Millet is packed with protein and vitamins and provides a pleasant crunch, while whole-wheat pastry flour packs a wallop of fiber while keeping the final product light and fluffy. They’re not too sweet, with just a hint of lemon—a virtue that makes for a great breakfast or snack for adults, but not necessarily one for people whose idea of “whole grains” consists of the non-marshmallow pieces in a bowl of Lucky Charms, if you get my drift.

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Cranberry-orange relish muffins: 24 cents each

So, The Great Thanksgiving Fail of 2011 was my completely forgetting to put out the cranberry sauce. (My husband, who has clearly lived with me a long time, waited nearly 24 hours to divulge this information.) Because it has to sit overnight, it had gotten pushed to the very back of the fridge, its presence obscured by the sight of more urgent projects, such as two turkeys.

Not only did this leave me with an entire bowl of cranberry sauce to find a home for, but it kept me from being able to technically count it as leftovers. Thankfully, I managed to pack the majority of it in these muffins. I hate baking muffins, but these ones are particularly good, bursting with sweet-tart bits of cranberry and orange, and each one will be individually wrapped and frozen to eat for breakfasts this week. (Just microwave for 30 seconds and voilà! Fresh-out-of-the-oven taste.)

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