Recipe Index

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Baked orzo with beef & mushrooms
Beef & ginger stir-fry
Beef & Guinness pies
Beef bulgogi lettuce wraps
Blackened steak salad
Bone marrow mac ’n’ cheese
Cincinnati chili
Flemish beef & beer stew
Lemongrass beef noodle salad
Malaysian beef curry
Mini cheese ’n’ cracker meatloaves
Northern Thai noodle curry (khao soi)
Ragù Bolognese
Roasted marrow bones with parsley salad
Short-rib lasagna
Steak & chard ravioli with sage-butter sauce
Steak with pepper cream sauce & garlic roasted potatoes
Stir-fried Thai-style beef with shallots
Vietnamese beef noodle soup (pho bo)
Vietnamese beef noodle soup, hue-style (bun bo hue)
Wine-braised short rib & parsnip ragout


Andouille & mushroom fideos
Asian Spam and noodles
Bacon mac ’n’ cheese
Baked pasta with sausage, spinach & sage
Bánh mì sandwich
BBQ radiatori with pork shoulder
Best-ever potstickers
BLT salad rolls
Cajun dirty rice
Carnitas tacos
Carolina pork, apple & sweet potato stew
Char siu bao (Chinese pork buns)
Chiles en nogada (pork-and-fruit-stuffed chiles in white walnut sauce)
Chinese takeout-style pork lo mein
Chorizo & potato tacos
Curried pork noodles

Fettuccine with prosciutto and orange
Harissa rigatoni with kale, sausage & pine nuts
Hoisin pork with twice-cooked noodles
Khao pad moo (Thai fried rice with pork)
Kimchi fried rice
Kimchi jjigae (pork and kimchi stew)
Maple-Dijon roasted sweet potatoes, apples & sausages
Mini cheese ’n’ cracker meatloaves
Pad see ew
Pork and noodles in coconut-tamarind sauce
Ragù Bolognese
Red beans and rice
Rice-cooker jambalaya
Roasted kimchi-marinated pork and apples
Rye berries with tomatoes & Andouille
Sausage and Dijon polenta
Sausage, bacon & mushroom calzones
Spaghetti with sausage ragù
Spam musubi
Spicy kale & sausage soup


Arroz con pollo
Balsamic glazed chicken-liver ravioli
Bánh mì sandwich
BBQ chicken pizza
Biscuits and chicken gravy
Cajun dirty rice
Chicken & pomegranate stuffed shells with pine nuts and gorgonzola
Chicken & Thai basil stir-fry
Chicken Dijon Brown Betty
Chicken soup with bread-and-fontina pasticciata
Chicken soup with lemon-pepper dumplings
Chicken taco stuffed shells
Chicken thigh pasta sauce
Chicken tikka masala
Chinese chicken and ramen soup
Chinese takeout-style orange chicken
Fresh pappardelle with chicken-liver sauce
Fried chicken & Andouille gumbo
Gorgonzola & prosciutto-stuffed chicken breast w/strawberry-balsamic sauce
Grilled chicken yakitori
Hoisin-braised cabbage, chicken & mushrooms
Honey-lime chicken enchiladas
Korean fried chicken
Larb gai (Thai chicken salad) lettuce wraps
Lemon risotto with chicken, olives and fennel
Mole with chicken & Mexican rice
Pad see ew
Peruvian chicken chili with peanuts (aji de gallina)
Poulet au vinaigre
Pozole verde
Sopa de lima (Mexican lime soup)
Szechuan chicken
Thai turkey salad with cilantro & mint
Turkey chilaquiles
Turkey melt with cranberry relish & fontina
Turkey soup with mashed-potato dumplings
Vietnamese chicken noodle soup (pho ga)
Whole-chicken dinner with vegetables
Ye olde chicken noodle soup


Bacon and tomato cream sauce for pasta
Beer-baked white beans
Celery root and beer soup
Corn & prosciutto crisp
Creamy farro & chickpea soup
Farfalle with bacon, goat cheese, rosemary & arugula
French onion soup with bacon
French onion soup with Guinness
Green-tomato soup w/bacon & bread toasts
Khmer-style rice soup
Pizza with prosciutto & mozzarella fresca
Pizza with Yukon Golds, caramelized onions, blue cheese & bacon 
Polenta with mushroom bourguignon
Roasted celery root and bacon soufflé
Spaghetti with bacon & greens
Stir-fried cabbage with ginger & chilies
White bean soup with caramelized apples & onions
Yam het khao (white fungus salad) 


Beans & Tofu
Black bean quesadillas
Burrito pie
Chinese black beans and tofu
Fried tofu sub sandwich
Tofu mole tacos
Weeknight Thai curry 
White beans & cabbage 

Tomato cobbler

Pasta, Gnocchi & Ravioli
Cacio e pepe
Casarecce with fennel, chilies & bread crumbs
Cheese-stuffed mac ’n’ cheese pie
Creamy lemon pasta with olives & basil
Farfalle with Kalamata olives, pine nuts & sun-dried tomatoes
Garlic scallion noodles
Gemelli with mixed mushrooms & thyme
Gemelli with sungold tomatoes, beans & olives
Gemelli with yogurt, spinach & caramelized onions
Potato gnocchi with sage & brown butter
Greek pasta salad with spinach and mint
Penne with cabbage and gorgonzola
Penne with wine-braised leeks
Pumpkin orzo with sage
Roasted carrot ravioli
Rotelle with roasted-carrot sauce
Slicer-tomato rigatoni marinara 

Baked orzo with sage pesto
Fresh oregano pesto
Green olive, almond & orange pesto
Parsley-walnut pesto

Butternut squash risotto with spinach & pine nuts
Caramelized pear and gorgonzola risotto
Citrus risotto
Roasted carrot & thyme risotto
Strawberry basil risotto 
Sweet corn risotto

Roots, Tubers & Bulbs
Beet gratin with goat cheese and greens
Curried root vegetable stew with currant dumplings
Leek fritters
Potato galette
Root vegetable cobbler
Root vegetable and rice gratin
Sorrel and onion panade
Stuffed onions
Sweet potato, caramelized onion & blue cheese tart
Twice-baked potatoes with Guinness onions and kale
Vidalia onion, cheese and rice bake

Cauliflower soufflé for people who hate cauliflower
Cheese soufflé
Mushroom and goat cheese soufflé
Roasted garlic & rosemary grits soufflé 
Roasted strawberry, goat cheese & black pepper soufflé

Grilled blue cheese & sorrel sandwiches with tomato soup
Roasted garlic soup
Tuscan bread soup with white beans & kale
Vegetable cheddar soup 
White bean soup with pasta & rosemary oil
White sweet potato soup 

Whole Grains, Grits & Seeds
Baked farro with tomato sauce & lemon
Baked oat groats with mushrooms, epazote & cotija cheese
Baked quinoa with sweet potatoes & almonds
Oat groats with blue cheese, walnuts & spinach
Smoky chipotle-cheddar grits
Spicy tomato crumble
Whole grain salad with leeks, sun-dried tomatoes & Parmesan crisps
Whole-grain-stuffed cabbage rolls with currants & pine nuts


Asian cabbage slaw
Asian noodle salad with peanuts and mint
Baked rice with currants and chickpeas
Bibim naeng myun (spicy Korean noodle salad)
Black beans and rice with roasted sweet potato and lime
Bulgur-lentil soup with mint
Carrot soup with miso and sesame
Chinese takeout-style sesame noodles
Cucumber rolls
Farfalle with roasted sweet potato & sage
Gallo pinto
Glass-noodle pad Thai
Hot-and-sour cabbage noodle soup
Kisir lettuce wraps
Mujadara (baked rice & lentils)
Mushroom potstickers
Pickled cabbage stir-fry
Red-lentil dal with apples
Roasted carrot & red lentil ragout
Shiitake & chard soup with hand-cut noodles
Soba noodles with garden-herb chimichurri
Sweet potato, corn & jalapeño bisque
Two-potato vindaloo
Whole grain & celery salad


Apple-miso ice cream
Coconut macaroons (not macarons)
Coffee crème brûlée
The “little black dress” of chocolate cakes
M&M cookies 
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Orange carpaccio
Orange Creamsicle sherbet
Pear-ginger sorbet
Pink grapefruit-champagne sorbet
Pumpkin crème brûlée
Strawberry sorbet
Strawberry summer cake
Watermelon sorbet
Xoconostle (cactus fruit) sorbet


All-purpose tomato sauce
Bacon jam
Baked bean, apple & sausage strata
Buttermilk biscuits
Carrot cake muffins
Cranberry-orange relish muffins
Crunchy granola bars
Gingered carrot pickles
Hot oatmeal “granola” with blueberries and walnuts
Millet muffins
Rhubarb compote
Skillet buttermilk cornbread
Sweet-potato potato chips

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