Groceries: week of May 21-27

Just a weekly budget update for those who like to see how these things work. As I mentioned yesterday, because I’m pregnant I’m having to eat larger servings than I was in the past, as well as purchase and eat more fruit, which can get pricey even when it’s seasonal and on sale. (Our strawberries and raspberries aren’t ripe yet.) Still, between avid meal planning, smart shopping, and cooking from scratch using raw, unprocessed ingredients, we’re coming out pretty much on budget. Read on for the specifics.

This week we did all of our shopping at Winco, since we had to stock up on some bulk items for the pantry anyway.

Items purchased for this week:
• 4 lbs. Granny Smith apples (this will last a couple of weeks): $3.28
• 1 bunch bananas: $1.72
• 1 package tofu: $1.58
• 1 large celery root: $2.48
• Half-gallon of 1% milk: $1.81
• 1 large container plain nonfat yogurt: $1.98
TOTAL: $12.85

Bulk items purchased for the pantry/future use:
• Bulk oats for oatmeal (5 lbs.): $3.06
• Oat groats for whole-grain dishes (74 cents/lb.): $2.69
• Sea salt for bread (25 cents/lb.): 70 cents
• Cake flour (37 cents/lb.): $2.17
• Fine cornmeal (3 lbs.): $3.05
• 4 bulbs garlic: $1.52
TOTAL: $13.19

Bulk meat to be cut up and frozen:
• Pork sirloin $1.99/lb: $6.20
• Sirloin steak $3.49/lb. (OUCH! I’ve been looking for months for beef under $3 a pound to no avail; this was the cheapest I could find): $8.63
• 1 lb. sausage: $1.98
TOTAL: $16.81

GRAND TOTAL: $42.79. Even though this is over $35, most of what we bought is for the pantry and for future meals, so it doesn’t exactly count toward this week’s budget.

Meals (plus leftovers):

Char siu bao
Weeknight Thai curry
Pho bo
Red beans and rice
Roasted celery root & bacon soufflé (using garden eggs)
Dal with apples

Breakfasts, lunches when there aren’t leftovers, and snacks:

Hot oatmeal “granola” with walnuts and blueberries
-Garden eggs and homemade bread (4 loaves this week)
-Yogurt with maple-agave syrup from Grocery Outlet
-Apples and bananas
-Lettuce salad from the garden
-Homemade bread and peanut butter (PB from Costco)
-Snow peas from the garden

5 responses to “Groceries: week of May 21-27

  1. Love the way you shop, so clean and healthy. We are doing the same this year, back to basics, growing in our garden etc… so far so good! Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. I really admire your commitment and tenacity in shopping and finding the best prices. I do my best, but not nearly to the level you’ve achieved. By the way, congratulations on your pregnancy!

    • Thank you! The shopping, thankfully, has become habit at this point—I honestly don’t remember what it was like to shop any other way.

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