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Sausage and Dijon polenta: $1.65/serving

I do not, have never, and will never understand people who buy those tubes of pre-made polenta. It’s cornmeal—the same stuff you can get at the bulk bin for like 25 cents a pound. You want it sliceable? Cool it in a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap and invert it. You want it soft and creamy? Eat it right away. It’s versatile, filling, and can be as gourmet or lowbrow as you want to make it. This particular version happens to be an extremely flavorful last-minute way to use up some on-sale ($1.99/lb. kielbasa at Grocery Outlet!) or about-to-expire sausage—just add a cup of cornmeal, some stock, and some extras you probably already have kicking around your fridge, and you’ve got a meal.

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Polenta with mushroom bourguignon: $1.37/serving

You may have noticed a dearth of beef recipes in the lineup lately. This is because it’s been quite some time—months, actually—since I’ve been able to locate a new cache of beef for under $2.99 a pound. There’s none left in our chest freezer, and grocery store discount- and sale-bin searches have come up empty. Thankfully, this beefless beef bourguignon was so satisfying that I hardly miss it. Mushrooms have a lot of the same flavor compounds as beef, so they make a fantastic (not to mention healthier) substitute in both this recipe and many others that call for beef. Try it!

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